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Our office is proud to provide state-of-the-art dental technology to their deserving patients. Advanced dental technology will make all of your visits more efficient and comfortable.

The digital x-ray is beneficial for dentists and patients alike. Not only does it emit 95% less radiation than traditional x-rays for a safer dental appointment, this cutting-edge machine also instantly produces the photos of your mouth and sends them to your dentist’s computer screen for assessment, thus eliminating the image wait time.

Our practice is a digital dental office! Thanks to paperless charting, you and your dentist will have much less paperwork to complete and keep track of in the office. Our computers will maintain all of your records, allowing easy access for you and your physician. These records are clear, accurate, and easy to understand.

Your endodontist can only treat what he or she can see. Before microscopes, endodontic procedures involved crude guesswork that often led to error. A microscope allows for more precise endodontic diagnosis and treatment.  Microscopes help endodontists carefully control every step of each procedure.

The 3D X-ray system is a huge step forward in the world of dental technology. Every patient wants successful dental care, so all dentists should have a detailed understanding of their patient’s oral health. 3D x-rays show our dentists the shape and orientation of your teeth, roots and surrounding tissue. They also provide details on possible infection(s) around the roots.  3D X-ray technology enables endodontists to have more accurate diagnosis and treatment.  In addition, it also aids our implant surgeon in examining the vital tissue around the jawbone, allowing them to place implants with precision.

We believe our dental technology can transform your relationship with dentistry. We hope that our accuracy, precision, and speed will excite you as much as it excites us! Contact us today at Dental Implants & Endodontics of Oklahoma to start enjoying top tier dental care.

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